3 Ways To Be Investment Ready

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Are you contemplating transitioning ownership of your business to the next generation? Selling the business to a third party? Or looking to attract equity capital or debt to achieve expansion plans? Well, in any of these scenarios, your business needs to be Investment Ready to maximise the success of your chosen path.

Here are our three suggestions to help you get Investment Ready:

Become ‘Pitch Perfect’

An important part of growing any business is the ability to clearly and effectively pitch your business plan to investors and potential partners.

Like all relationships, you only have one chance to make first impressions. Moreover, most investors are very busy and their time is precious. This means you only get a single shot towards success with each investor, so you better hit the bullseye. Investment readiness is a process that requires being prepared.

Understand your business so you can address all the questions adequately, be clear on what it is you want and your objectives, as it’s as important the investor aligns with this as much as you fulfil their objectives. Anticipate what they are likely to ask and think about certain scenarios. Make sure their potential questions will not expose flaws in your business strategy.

Get the right team around you

When you step into this part of your growth process and begin to expose yourself to potential investor groups, investment readiness is pivotal in ensuring your likelihood of success. Having a Finance Director behind you is crucial when you’re approaching these investors. Within your team, you can; look at the stage you are currently in, and try to find out what you need to do to make the criteria for the next level. What is the fastest way forward? Are you working on the right things?

Finance Directors are there to help you through this growth process. You need someone who will push you further than you will push yourself, someone with a different perspective, someone who’s in your corner.

Any investment ready business should be in a position to clearly demonstrate a strong team, a deep understanding of their market and competition, a detailed understanding of their business model, how the business makes money and what traction and key milestones have been achieved. Finance Directors can guide you through this process as they are an indispensable asset in helping to move your business in the right direction.

Use A Step-By-Step Guide

Investment readiness is a process that requires being prepared. It’s surprising how some business owners don’t invest in the investment readiness process in the same way they would invest in a product launch. Both are about making a sale and are crucial to success.

If you’re looking to raise investment for your business and would like a step-by-step guide to the process so it actually happens, we’re hosting an exclusive workshop with Spark! Consulting on 25th February to help you get ‘Investment Ready’ for the year.

There’ll be experienced Finance Directors in attendance, ready to answer all your questions regarding raising investment and to go through the step-by-step guide to the investment readiness process.

For tickets and more info click here https://investmentreadyfeb.eventbrite.co.uk/?aff=LFT

We want to help your business be ready for investment this year and ‘pitch perfect’ when it comes to meeting potential investors.

The tips above will help you eliminate many of the obstacles that make it harder to be investment ready. Not only will these tips make you more effective, but they will also help you avoid the inevitable stress and anxiety involved in raising investment.

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