Why an Outside Perspective Is Essential to Your Company’s Growth & Success

February 21st, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 1 thought on “Why an Outside Perspective Is Essential to Your Company’s Growth & Success”

Every business and organisation needs to get that outside perspective. You are too close to what you do to be truly objective. You need people who can push and move you forward.

At the start of the year, you may have felt like you have exhausted all of your resources and were stuck on where to go next. This is when you may want to consider opting for outside guidance, especially if you are looking to achieve a significant amount of growth or change. Every so often — whether things are going unbelievably well or spiralling out of control — you need an outside perspective.

One way to ensure that your business is on the appropriate path for growth is making sure that your company is implementing the correct methods of financial planning and strategy. Outside expertise can make a massive difference for your business, especially if your business is still smaller than you hoped to be. In addition to bringing a sustainable long-term strategic plan that will help you improve your business while remaining profitable, they also bring fresh perspectives and help point out challenges you may have not even noticed existed.

Trying new things without guidance could potentially lead to making easily avoidable and very costly mistakes. However, trying new things with the proper advice and having a hand to lead you through the common roadblocks can truly benefit you and help your business reach its greatest potential. Now may be the time to consider how much your business could truly benefit by bringing a part-time director on board.

Your board members can help you see the forest through the trees — evaluating what’s worth worrying over and what doesn’t deserve your attention. They can also help the company expand its areas of expertise, proactively evaluate and mitigate risks, and increase credibility. Don’t fly blind. If you’re thinking about growth capital or an exit, a board of directors can help navigate important decisions along the way.

So it’s not exactly an “outside” point of view — but your employees will have worthwhile feedback that you’d be loathe to ignore. Pick their brains for their take on your business model, leadership style, senior management, marketing strategy, and more. More junior employees are more likely to hear honest reviews of your products or service offerings from customers than you are as CEO.

In the constantly evolving and fast changing pace of business, leaders need to call upon and benefit from others’ insights, opinions, expertise, and critiques to ensure that they are relevant, desirable and the best place to go for both their employees and clients/customers.

Julie Barber, Founder & CEO of Spark! Consulting talks about looking at your company through an investors’ eyes. https://vimeo.com/392715410

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1 thought on “Why an Outside Perspective Is Essential to Your Company’s Growth & Success”

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