How To Make Sure Your Business Is Fit For Purpose

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At the start of the year, people started making resolutions and plans. And then by February/March they are all thrown out as the pressures of business and life get in the way. However, you can steal a march on this problem. You can make sure that your business is fit for purpose. This means that you’ve goals and plans for the business. The chances are that your business has grown. And with that growth your team has just expanded to fill the gaps – taking on additional tasks and stepping up to the plate.

A strong organisational structure is essential for any business to thrive and grow – it’s the foundation on which success is built.

If you have a poor organisational design, it can lead to ineffective communication, low morale and reduced productivity and profitability. Even if you have extremely motivated employees, they will still struggle to thrive if they’re working in a poorly-structured organisation.

It’s important to know that businesses with a strong sense of purpose continually outperform those without one. How? And why? Well, the reasons are surprisingly straightforward.

If a business has a stronger sense of purpose, it has a better connection to its staff.

Employees who feel they are ‘doing good’ at work undoubtedly perform better than those who are merely a cog in a machine. Nowadays, younger people demand employers who demonstrate how they are ‘doing the right thing’. In order for an organisation to be successful, they need staff who are engaged, motivated and smart.

There are many examples of businesses that use their purpose to inspire customers. Toms, the shoemaker, distributes one pair of shoes to a child in the developing world for every pair sold. When a company demonstrates an authentic purpose, consumers feel a connection to the products and company. They will often choose products with purpose, even if they’re not the cheapest.

Your business will undoubtedly benefit from a stronger, enhanced reputation when your purpose is deeply ingrained in everything you do. Employees tell the story, consumers choose your product over your competitors, investors feel more confident, and stakeholders positively engage.

While purpose draws on your vision, mission and values, it also goes beyond, and explores why the organisation exists. The creation of a core narrative around purpose helps to shape everything the organisation does, from new product development to hiring staff.

Having a flexible approach allows you to test and respond, shape ideas with different audiences at different stages and continually adapt, and improve. If your organisation has the will to ‘do the right thing’, the result will be a more successful business.

You can transform your business through the use of process mapping and strategic management tools.

First, you’ll need to closely examine management and team structures to identify problem areas. Then, gain a thorough understanding of your business and its culture, which will help you address these issues, ensuring the right people are in the right roles and are equipped and supported to deliver results.

If you are serious about business growth this year, feel free to get in touch with us to make sure your business is fit for purpose.

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