Navigating Through COVID-19

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Navigating Through COVID-19


Covid-19 is presenting major challenges to people and organisations around the world.  As business leaders, it’s crucial to know how to navigate through the impacts that this novel virus is having on businesses and the economy.

It may seem daunting to know which of the appropriate steps to take first to protect your business, but in times of crisis it’s always important to be innovative and adapt. There is no need to socially distance yourself from the resources that are available to you- you just need to familiarise yourself with what they are and how to best utilise them.

One of expert Directors Hugh Reynolds talks about the appropriate steps to take for you and your business during these uncertain times.



To help our SME colleagues, we would like to invite you to an interactive Webinar on Wednesday April 8th, from 1:30pm – 3pm.

This is an opportunity to join an interactive discussion, including how to access emergency government support, with our experienced Finance and Commercial Directors.

This session will allow you to break out into a small group with other SME leaders, in order to discuss these topics and how to implement them within your business.


During this webinar we will not only share our knowledge and experience of navigating through times of economic downturn but we will also be there to help you survive and thrive through the next 90 days and beyond.

By the end of this webinar, you will have a clear idea of how to access the help that is available and how to plan for the next few months.

The webinar hosts are:

  • Rob Boll–  (CEO/Founder/CFO): “Empowering you to lead your business through uncertainty
  • Rob Boll–  (CEO/Founder/CFO): “Continuously adapting your business model”
  • Hugh Reynolds (FD/CFO): “Navigating access to government funding”


Please CLICK HERE or visit to join this free session and get direct access to the best Finance and Commercial Directors, who will help you with your questions during this economic shock.

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