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About Evoke Management

“Access to valuable insight and knowledge on a flexible basis”

Evoke was founded to help you move your business forward by adding valuable insight and knowledge on a flexible basis. This is advice larger companies automatically have from access to established boards, advisors, and management teams.

Our Offering:  Evoke Management is an affordable way to gain access to the same level of expertise- when you need it.

Our Mission: To help SMEs and entrepreneurs move their business forward by providing flexible access to excellent strategic advice and analysis.

Having worked in vast multinational corporations and a range of fast growing dynamic younger companies, I saw an opportunity to take the best practises of well-run companies and apply them to SMEs on an affordable basis.

Wherever  you are in the life-cycle of your business and whatever challenges you may face, we have the strategies, knowledge, and insight to keep your business moving forward.

-Rob Boll, Founder

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