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Evoke Management offers invaluable expertise on a flexible and cost-effective basis. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable senior leaders join ambitious businesses, armed with unparalleled market experience and a deep knowledge of the corporate world. Passionate about helping you reach your business goals, Evoke’s leading senior personnel work on a part-time basis, allowing you to retain full control whilst entrusting complex financial and management decisions to the most accomplished global business experts.

Established in 2015 to help businesses who did not want or could not afford a full-time Financial Director or Chief Operating Officer, Evoke Management offers an effective solution by integrating experienced people into teams as business advisers, part-time FDs, COOs and Non Execs. We enable these sought-after individuals to use training and proficiency earned in the corporate world, to power SMEs. Using skills honed in large organisations and applying them to smaller businesses on a cost-effective basis is a powerful trade tool. SMEs are considered the engine room of the UK economy, and we fuel this engine with the powerful knowledge and experience of our people.

Evoke’s bespoke service allows businesses to bring a skilled expert on board, without paying recruitment fees or a full-time salary and benefits. For the cost of a junior member of staff, a business will be enhanced and transformed by Evoke’s outstanding part-time FDs and COOs, who are products of the UK’s leading commercial institutions.

Evoke Management specialises in providing strategic business advice to SMEs providing business performance advice to companies looking for influential and accomplished personnel on a flexible or part-time basis, affording their senior staff flexibility, variety and control.

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