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Increase profitability, productivity and employee retention with a trusted consultant who will enhance your business performance with experience, skill and a holistic view of your organisation. Making data-driven decisions to optimise your performance, troubleshooting and effective mentoring, a skilled consultant and reliable sounding board will help your business fly.

Evoke’s business performance advisors join your organisation, initially generating an overview of your products or services in the context of your business ethos. Examining your aims and aspirations, and exploring where existing or potential problems lie, our expert advisors work with you to conceive workable and efficient solutions, communicate clear goals and expectations to employees, and promote organisational values and ethics.  Products of top level corporate jobs with large multi-nationals, our advisors lend their unparalleled expertise to SMEs by ensuring that by continuously managing employee performance effectively, sensitively and opaquely,  attainment of team and business goals will soar.

Our services include:

Marketing and sales growth

Financial management and control

Operational improvement

Systems and software

People and culture

Evoke’s talented personnel offer strategic business advice; creative ideas; troubleshooting and mentoring, enabling you to retain control and watch your business make more money and grow faster.

We also provide essential guidance on ensuring your business is fully compliant in all areas. We devise a tax and legal strategy, optimising your business for tax, and we connect with a selection of top UK business minds to help you outsource certain areas to maximise efficiency and productivity. Our access to commercial expertise is unrivalled, and we can also help you improve your business banking relationship, to secure preferential rates and improved terms.

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