Looking for investment? Find out if you are investment ready.

Evoke Management presents an online tool which takes 15 minutes to complete and submit, and helps you understand whether your business is ready for investment.

In order to assess a business’s investment readiness, we must gain a deeper understanding of how you work, your processes and aspirations. The Evoke team has streamlined a ‘discovery’ technique, by accessing the latest in early-stage investment sector profiling tools.

It’s quick, easy and free to fill out, and the process is incredibly worthwhile in helping us review your deal proposition against a standardised set of criteria.

Once you have answered the questions honestly and accurately, the technology generates a data based ‘deal report’, filling in information gaps that may not have been covered by our initial application process, as well as an executive summary, or a pitch deck.

Fill out the form and watch a video to guide you through the process.

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