Nakisa Behi

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Nakisa Behi

Marketing and Business Development

 Tel: 0203 473 3700

Nakisa is part of Evoke’s Marketing and Business Development team. She is responsible for managing our marketing, events, CRM, and social media platforms. She’ll also be the first person that you speak with when you get in touch with us.
Coupling creativity with a research-based insight, Nakisa is working to keep you informed on all the latest B2B strategies, all while aiming to brighten up your day with weekly newsletters and thought-provoking social media content.
Nakisa has been brought in from across the pond, so she has traded the sunny beaches of Florida for the bustling business world of London. She therefore approaches her day to day work with a unique international perspective. 
She owes her expertise to her BA in Marketing and International Business from the University of Florida, and to her Masters Degree in Marketing and Business from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 
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