Where do you turn for the peer support that larger organisations take for granted?

Where do you turn for the peer support that larger organisations take for granted?

It can often be lonely at the top of smaller businesses. Where do you turn for the peer support that larger organisations take for granted? If you feel that you would benefit from personal interaction with trustworthy, like-minded people, join us on Wednesday July 12th, when Evoke Management welcomes business owners to a relaxed morning of chat, advice and networking, at our Virtual Board Discovery Event. […]

Put your business in the spotlight

Put your business in the spotlight

With Evoke Management’s Virtual Board discovery session on the 5th September. Book your place now for an engaging morning of business guidance and industry chat with like-minded SME owners.

As the summer draws to a close we hope you’ve taken time out for some fun and sun, and also to reflect on the first half of 2017 and to consider what the months ahead hold for you and your business. […]

Our First Virtual Board Meeting

Our First Virtual Board Meeting

Last week, in the boardroom of CIEE Global Institute in London, eight SME owners joined the Evoke Management team for a morning of networking, business advice, collaboration and lunch.

The group voted to discuss two hot-seat topics – ‘setting business goals’ and ‘the best sales channels for my business’. The group of ambitious individuals enjoyed the company and wisdom of fellow business owners, who acted temporarily as a ‘Board’, helping them overcome issues they were facing within their organisations. Future topics covered will include Online Marketing, Best Practice Management Accounting and a host of further issues faced by business owners across a range of sectors.

Want to know the secret to creating the perfect team?

Get the right mix of skills and personalities in your team and there will be no limit to your success.

Recently I have been using an amazing personality profiling tool to help businesses identify what skills they are missing in their teams.

One of my clients realised that they had nobody looking after the people and relationships.  It will come as no surprise that they had high staff turnover and did not really get any repeat business from their clients.

Together we have fixed this now, and they are turning things around.  It will not be easy and there is a long road ahead of them but I am so excited to see them achieve new heights.

Do you know what you are missing in your team?

Want to know more, get in touch. I am happy to share the secret!

Hire the right people – is it obvious who you are missing?

One of the most important roles of the business owner is to hire the right people.

This may be a mix of employees and external partners or consultants. Do you have the right people in the right roles to support you as you build your business?

Do you have the best people in place to carry you forward and execute your plans and strategy? Is it obvious who you are missing? Make sure your next hire fills the gap – you can’t afford not to.

Our simple personality profiling tool will direct you to the best hire you will ever make.  Get it right and you can elevate your business to the next level with ease.

Contact me for more information on how we can help.

How can I gain confidence in my team?

As a manager it is vital to be able to trust your team members are working effectively and accomplishing the teams goals. Your team will be scared to take chances and may miss out on opportunities because they feel like they  do not have have your confidence.

One reason you may not have confidence in your team could be that your team is lacking confidence. Confidence is a vital characteristic of effective team members. Confidence allows team members to achieve more and develop bigger, better ideas that can benefit your business.

By encouraging your team and instilling confidence in them, your trust and confidence in them will steadily grow. In turn your team will function more productively and team members will be happier and more fulfilled in their positions.

Contact if you’d like to learn more about creating a successful team.

Why friction is key to your team’s future success

Combining people who do not think, act, and express themselves in the same way can help your business grow to the next level. There is a sort of healthy friction that occurs when you combine people from different backgrounds and set them off to work together.

When people all think the same way then work can be more efficient but it may not be the best that it could be. The friction caused by diversity will lead to discussions that will lead to realisations that could lead to breakthroughs for your team members and business.

The collection of different styles of thinking and acting will help your team to reach new heights.

Find more about how to create healthy friction in your team

Why is leading by example such an important part of being an effective leader?

The truth is that when you are in a management position you are leading by example whether you like it or not.

Your team members look to you for guidance and advice every step of the way, and the example you set is crucial to how your team will respond to you. Something to think about is what happens to your team when its leader chooses not to lead by example. An example could be a manager who demands harder work and longer hours from his employees but then leaves the office early and takes vacation.

Workers become deflated, their drive will be lost and they will not have the desire to push towards your goals and in your direction. Leaders who lead by example choose to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

Learn more about how to effectively lead your team by example

“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welsh, Former CEO of General Electric

This famous quote will hit home to many business owners and managers.

We are living in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution and business continues to change and adapt to leverage new technology and ideas. Companies and business leader who are able to predict and efficiently embrace and exploit change will come out better than they were before.

The key message in this quote is that it is far better to seek out change then to have circumstances force you to change. A major part of creating positive change is having a conscious leader who is aware of the state of his business as well as the conditions in the surrounding markets.

Being a conscious leader means being an available leader, not only being open to different perspectives but actively seeking them out and applying them. These perspectives should come not only from in-house but also from outside sources with different goals and mindsets.

Learn more about being a conscious leader and creating positive change in your business

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