Part-Time Commercial Director (COO)

Scale up your business and retain complete control by bringing an experienced and professional part-time COO on board. We source accomplished managers who will take your organisation forward by offering inspirational leadership. Strengthen your team with a part-time key executive for an outstanding and cost effective business growth solution.

Our part-time COOs offer a host of invaluable services including:

Designing and developing business strategy, plans and procedures

Setting and communicating goals for performance and growth

Monitoring metrics relevant to the performance and growth goals

Promoting company culture and vision

Performing analysis and evaluating data to make informed decisions

Overseeing operations, including IT, marketing, sales and finance

Managing external relations with partners and vendors

At Evoke Management we have access to a rich selection of skilled and experienced COOs. This unique resource allows us to brainstorm with top commercial minds, offering you a genuine advantage over competitors.

Striving to make a real difference to our clients, our part time COOs work with you to build a more dynamic yet stable business by finding solutions to complex problems; improving profits; overcoming cashflow issues; managing risk and ultimately selling your business in a profitable deal.

Integrating a part-time COO to your senior team helps you identify problems and generate solutions. Consulting with you to form a comprehensive overview of the business and its aims, we will emerge with a clear roadmap to be implemented by a top quality part-time COO.

Overseeing your organisation’s ongoing operations and procedures, a COO routinely plans and directs your operational initiatives, policies and rules, and supports the senior team in executing long-term and short-term directives. Offering your business effective leadership, management and judgement, your aims and aspiration are in safe hands.

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