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Integrating a top FD into your team on a part-time basis will bring you flexibility and control. Delivering a clear vision and unparalleled expertise to your financial strategy, our specialist and cost-effective service will help you achieve your goals. Passionate about your business, our experienced part-time FDs are committed big hitters, driven to help SMEs grow.

Armed with exceptional skillsets honed throughout notable careers at large multinational corporations, our part-time FDs lend their talent and knowledge to SMEs. Evoke Management presents an innovative and effective concept, allowing smaller businesses to benefit from a top level FD at an affordable cost. Incurring no recruitment fee, no contract, and with no red tape to overcome, this is a practical and economical solution.

Your part-time FD will integrate into your senior team, fulfilling a variety of invaluable functions including:

Leadership of finance

Strategic advice and recommendations to Board and other key stakeholders

Setting and monitoring KPIs

Oversight of management accounts P&L, BS and cashflow forecasts

Developing and improving internal finance and business systems

Challenging and advising on growing the business

Improving financial performance

Liaising with external advisers

Meeting external reporting obligations

Bringing a part-time FD on board delivers a host of benefits to your senior leadership. Day to day enhancements such as reducing workload and sharing responsibilities of overseeing the successful functioning of the finance department offers increased clarity, flexibility and time.

The knowledge that your FD brings the necessary knowledge and expertise generates invaluable confidence, enabling you and your business to thrive.

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