Stuart Kerslake

Business Coach & Advisor

Tel: 0203 2904907

An experienced business coach and advisor, Stuart brings unique talents and invaluable skills to Evoke Management and to our clients. As a Virtual Finance Professional and Transformational Business Coach, he believes that everyone should love what they do for a living, and that your businesses should bring you joy.

Stuart spent 20 years as an accountant and became what Michael Gerber describes in The E-Myth Revisited as “a technician suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure”. In 2002 he opened his own accountancy practice, believing that an accomplished accountant could run a successful accountancy practice. He quickly realised that in order to succeed in business you must recognise:

  • How the business will serve you rather than vice versa
  • You need skills outside your previous experience/comfort zones
  • You will swap one job for many, whilst you earn the means to outsource

Knowledgeable and Supportive, Stuart is passionate about helping small business owners (and the families and employees who depend on them) who are often lonely and consumed by their business.

His strengths include working with clients to:

  • Articulate what you want from your business.
  • Create personal and corporate objectives for your business.
  • Prepare an action plan to start working towards those goals.
  • Understand the numbers in your business, financial and otherwise.
  • Coach you to remain focussed when the day to day realities of running your business become overwhelming.

Stuart is an armchair rugby enthusiast, who wishes he could still play. Too many injuries mean badminton and swimming are his current sporting distractions.

He shares his love of music with his family – driving his daughter around bellowing out show songs is his favourite pastime.

An avid reader, Stuart is always learning, and always will be. He loves researching new ideas, embracing new concepts and enhancing his knowledge, although sometimes a really good novel hits the spot.

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