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Enhancing your business practice with creative ideas, troubleshooting and mentoring, a Trusted Advisor will help you grow faster and bigger, making more money whilst retaining complete control.

For an individual with multiple business interests, bringing an experienced Trusted Advisor on board brings creative thinking and troubleshooting experience that will enhance a portfolio of business interests.

The discreet involvement of a Trusted Advisor is ideal for time-poor individuals with complex business interests. Evoke Managements Trusted Advisors work with HNWs, UHNWs, entrepreneurs, celebrities and sport professionals who benefit from the insight of an experienced advisor to ensure that their business interests are controlled and performing to the highest standard.

Striving to cultivate powerful internal and external relationships, our Trusted Advisors are:







Above all else, they understand the specific needs of the individual.

Evoke’s Trusted Advisor works alongside an existing team to monitor and control the business interests of individuals with specific needs. For example, a sports professional who spends his time training and competing but would like to invest in a bar or restaurant and requires a dedicated business advisor to locate and negotiate premises, hire staff, control accounting, etc.

A Trusted Advisor is the person in a business who will always be asked for by name when a client calls; they offer valuable advice that goes beyond their expertise, and exude strong personalities that are personal brands, yet consistently reflect the values of the organisation.

Evoke Management’s Trusted Advisors are often products of large corporations and have accrued many years’ experience at senior levels in some of the UK’s top companies and in multi-nationals across the globe.

At Evoke we believe that individuals and SMEs should have access to the skills and proficiencies of the country’s top business minds. Enhancing a small business with the accomplishments of those who have learned their trade from within the top performing corporations in the world, can produce unprecedented results, enhancing the individual business and boosting the UK economy as a whole.

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