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Evoke Management’s Virtual Board is a working group of business owners who meet monthly, in person, with an experienced facilitator, to share and learn from each other.

It can often be lonely at the top of smaller businesses, and the Virtual Board provides the peer support that larger organisation take for granted. Personal interaction with trustworthy, like-minded individuals is an effective way of enhancing performance and resolving issues.

Advantages include:

A skilled facilitator to help generate innovative solutions

Power of collective wisdom of professionals around a table

Manageable and intimate group size offering ample opportunity to receive and bestow insights

Building solid and lasting friendships and business partnerships

Evoke Management’s Virtual Board initiative offers a supportive team of peers, committed to enabling each other to attain their goals. Facilitating honesty, transparency, and sometimes vulnerability within a safe environment is an invaluable tool allowing peers and a facilitator to serve you and your aspirations.

Evoke Management’s Virtual Board meets monthly in Central London from 10am to 3pm, with a working lunch included.

Built on the premise of creating long-term relationships, we require an initial 6 month commitment, renewable monthly thereafter. Each month two or three members are selected to sit in the ‘hot seat’ to share a business challenge they are facing. The group integrates opinions and ideas to the discussion, and aims to find solutions. Finding common ground and engaging a group of respected individuals in business concerns and issues can ignite innovative thinking and creative problem solving, for those in focus, and for entire group.

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