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Fill out this free and simple online form to offer the team at Evoke Management an overview of your business, your aspirations and how we can help. Our part time FDs, COOs, Trusted Advisors and Non Execs can join your business and help you fly. By filling out this online form, we can work out the best strategy for you, at the earliest stage of the process.

The information we receive from you will provide us with an objective analysis of your business and gauge how it’s performing. Your answers will highlight your strengths as well as more vulnerable areas where we can help.

Once we have formed an accurate overview of your business we will proceed to the next stage with a phone call and a meeting to start building a relationship and establishing your needs in deeper detail. At this point we will be in a strong position to allocate the Evoke team member best suited to your business needs and we will set out to collaborate with you on a plan for moving your business forward and helping you grow.

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