Integrating a top FD into your team on a part-time basis will bring you flexibility and control. Delivering a clear vision and unparalleled expertise to your financial strategy, our specialist and cost-effective service will help you achieve your business goals.

Scale up your business and retain complete control by bringing an experienced and professional part-time COO on board. We source accomplished managers who will take your organisation forward by offering inspirational leadership.

Increase profitability, productivity and employee retention with a trusted consultant who will enhance your business performance with experience, skill and a holistic view of your organisation.

Offering practical consultancy and implementation, a Non Exec will promote organisational effectiveness, values and ethics, communicating clear goals and expectations to your employees, and ensuring the fulfilment of team and company goals.

Enhancing your business practice with creative ideas, troubleshooting and mentoring, a Trusted Advisor will help you manage and grow your business assets and investment portfolio, allowing you to make more money whilst retaining complete control.

If you are a business owner looking to build a highly engaged workforce, drive profits through the roof and benefit from a government backed tax efficiencies, then contact us today.

Evoke Management

Offering invaluable expertise on a flexible and cost-effective basis, our team of skilled and knowledgeable senior leaders join ambitious businesses, armed with unparalleled market experience and a deep knowledge of multiple business sectors.

Passionate about helping you reach your business goals, Evoke’s leading senior personnel work on a part-time basis, allowing you to retain full control whilst entrusting complex financial and management decisions to the most accomplished global business experts.


Offering professional solutions for your business, Evoke Management saves you time and money by bringing a part-time FD or COO on board whilst you watch your business thrive with newfound flexibility and top level leadership.

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