Business Valuation

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There are many reasons why knowing the value of your business is an essential part of your planning:


  • Financial Decision Making
  • Selling or Buying a business, including Employee Ownership
  • Estate Planning and Succession
  • Tax Planning
  • Equity Allocation
  • Legal Disputes
  • Financial Reporting
  • Investment and Investor Relations
  • Strategic Planning and Benchmarking

Evoke offers an industry leading, professional valuation for £3,600 + VAT

At Evoke we provide a full business valuation where an experienced member of our team will pull together the relevant information from you, together with your business financials. We will then present back to you a detailed valuation report with a summary of the important aspects most relevant to your business.

Detailed valuation report includes:

  • In depth analysis of market trends
  • Business Plan Validation
  • Recent transaction comparisons
  • Valuation Range Overview

On the Evoke team there are a number of Portfolio Finance Directors and Commercial Directors that are a great fit for all business sectors and stages.

Our experienced Director will explain what aspects of your business would lead to an improvement in the valuation.

Post Valuation

Post valuation you have the option for us to work with you to put in place strategies to improve the value of your business over an agreed time frame to help you maximise your exit value. You also have the option to work with us on an ongoing basis, to implement strategies which will both improve both the performance and the value of your business.

We can also advise on which exit and succession options would be best for you and your business and help you to achieve them.

Exit and succession options include:

  • Trade Sale
  • Management Buy out or Buy in
  • Employee Ownership
  • Venture Capital or Private Equity investment