Experienced Part-Time Commercial Directors

Part-Time Commercial Directors: Providing Financial, Strategic & Business Expertise to Ambitious SMEs

Discover how our Part-Time Commercial Directors can transform your business. Receive a complimentary consultation to take the first step towards financial mastery. We'll provide you with strategic expertise to add tangible value to your company. Book your free consultation with one of our Commercial Directors today.


The main objective of a Commercial Director is to maximise your companies growth through managing and organising processes and identifying new opportunities. Ultimately your Commercial Director will have accumulated years of commercial experience across many different fields of expertise and will have achieved a vast knowledge in how to grow products, markets and companies.

Integrating a Commercial Director into your team on a part-time basis will bring you an experienced senior team member who can work with you to improve your ability to acquire customers as well as improve your customer experience to ensure higher levels of repeat business and referrals, by delivering what your customer wants through the best experience possible.

Resulting in:

  • Clear Strategic Direction
  • Higher margins
  • Monitoring Performance for success
  • Better performing team
  • More leads
  • Stronger Market Development and Penetration
  • Improved customer retention
  • Understanding consumers changing behaviour

In a dynamic global economy where innovation and agility are key, having a Commercial Director in your team will ensure the best chance of outperforming your competition.


A Commercial Director can significantly enhance a company’s strategic decision-making capabilities. Their primary responsibility is to provide sound advice, develop business strategies and identify opportunities for growth. This not only helps to improve the company's position but also aids in shaping the future direction of the business. What other responsibilities can a Commercial Director take on?

  • Conduct Market Research: A Commercial Director's responsibility is to research markets, analyse consumer data, and use that information to create effective marketing strategies, positioning the business as an industry leader.

  • Commercial Development: The Commercial Director orchestrates the efforts of the sales and marketing teams, build customer centric experiences and processes. As well as setting objectives, delineating key performance indicators (KPIs), and tracking progress against these benchmarks.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: This role encompasses the management of relationships with pivotal stakeholders, which may include partners, suppliers, clients, and investors. Additionally, they negotiate contracts and agreements to secure the most favourable terms for the company.

  • Risk Evaluation: They are responsible for identifying and managing commercial risks, which can include scrutinising market trends, economic factors, and competitor activities to inform the company's strategic planning and decision-making processes.

  • Leadership and Team Development: A Commercial Director leads and nurtures the commercial team, setting expectations, offering coaching and support, and ensuring the team operates effectively and efficiently.

  • Management of Products and Services: They contribute to the management of the company's products or services, from inception to launch, set the pricing strategy and guarantee they meet market demands and fuel revenue growth.

  • Corporate Governance: The Commercial Director ensures the company adheres to all requisite legal and ethical standards in its commercial operations, overseeing regulatory compliance in areas such as advertising, sales practices, and data protection.

At Evoke Management, our Commercial Directors harness their operational prowess to assist SMEs in reaching their full potential. By leveraging part-time business leadership, you are investing in the long-term health and growth of your enterprise.


SMEs are constantly facing a myriad of challenges. Hiring a full-time Commercial Director may seem like a luxury but, by utilising part-time expertise, SMEs can gain the benefits of high-level financial management and business leadership without the daunting costs of a full-time commitment.

A part-time Commercial Director offers flexible, cost-effective solutions. Our team at Evoke Management can seamlessly integrate with your business on a part-time basis, providing the strategic oversight needed to develop the well-being of your company.


Evoke provides expert leadership and management support on issues vital to business success and growth. We have a ‘sleeves rolled-up’ ethos and operate as part of your team, offering external perspective, objectivity, fresh thinking and constructive input.

We will always start with an initial call to understand the challenges and opportunities you currently face where we will then be in a position to offer a solution to that’s right for you to ensure you can achieve your vision and goals.

Usually you will kick off our engagement with a full review of your business and team, using our SCOPE methodology, which allows us to quickly get up to speed with the business and understand the key challenges, opportunities and priorities for change that are most important to you and your business.


We believe in transparency and ensure to counsel all our clients like you to be in control of cash and to ensure all expenditure results in measurable returns, which in turn means being upfront on fees.

All business owners that we work with are understandably wary of the cost of engaging external resources and, whilst we too are in business to make profit, we only take on clients where we are certain we can add value.