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Running an SME is a continual balancing act. It’s hard and, at times, lonely and stressful. Even when times are good, some of the perceived benefits are illusory. So why do we do it? For most of us, it combines the kind of working environment and lifestyle we want, with the opportunity to do something better or different. Our businesses and goals may vary, but day-to-day challenges are remarkably similar.

We understand, because we’ve been there. Most times, you will know instinctively what needs to be done. Occasionally, you may welcome some help, ideally from someone with enough experience and knowledge to understand and share the burden, and willing to roll-up their sleeves and deliver a solution.

And whilst our experience counts, we know it’s not enough on its own. The pace of change is too fast to rely solely on past learnings, so we spend time adding to our knowledge and making sure we stay one step ahead in business and technological advances.


For many SMEs, improving business performance remains a constant challenge. Internally, it might mean tighter cash management and financial control; increasing margins and profitability through greater efficiencies or tactical pricing; introducing better systems and procedures; focussing on employee retention; or changing an ingrained culture that is impeding growth. Externally, it could range from competing better and winning more work, to getting new products or services to market faster.

You may want help raising investment, planning for succession and exit, undertaking a merger or acquisition, assessing risk or compliance reporting.

Sometimes, it’s as basic as improving communication, or setting out clear, measurable goals. Or simply being able to bounce around ideas with someone who understands and is able to provide fresh perspective and objectivity.


Evoke provides affordable, cost-effective leadership, tailored to your needs and budget. The Evoke team comprises highly skilled, experienced directors, drawn from a broad range of disciplines and industries, enabling you to benefit from the best match for your business and business aims.

Typically, our clients are owner managed, entrepreneurial businesses employing between 5 and 200 employees, with a turnover of £1m to £50m, who need particular expertise on a part-time or project-specific basis.

We bring the same commitment to every project. Our approach is to integrate ourselves into your organisation to first understand your business, the issues you face and the outcomes you want. We will work closely with you and your team to develop informed solutions, and stay hands-on to drive successful execution.  


Lara Mott,



 I cannot say enough about how this partnership with Evoke has helped ImproveWell. To have the resident expertise at a level that we need, when we need it. 

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