Your Gateway to Exceptional Growth: The £100 Million Profit Project

We're on a mission to drive an additional £100 million into the UK SME sector


Evoke Management is on a mission to revolutionise the growth of UK SMEs just like you. Our goal for 2024 is to generate an additional £100 million of profit for our ambitious SME clients.

Our unique approach works with business owners and leadership teams to drive month on month growth. Clear strategic direction, higher margins, and better performing teams produce greater levels of productivity and sustainable growth.

This will make your business more profitable with increased cash flow.

In 2023, we worked with 100 British SME clients. This year, our mission is to generate a further £100 million of profit for our customers. If you’re ready to embark on your journey to extraordinary growth, then we want to hear from you.



What our clients have to say


"I cannot say enough about how this partnership with Evoke has helped ImproveWell. To have the resident expertise at a level that we need, when we need it."

Lara Mott


"We realized that for us to carry on growing we needed to bring in Evoke's expertise. They've enabled us to think and articulate our thoughts for how the business should look..."

Paul White

Buckley Gray Yeoman

"I think sometimes when you're running a business you feel like it's me against the world and it's nice to know there's someone else blowing wind into my sails."

Elizabeth Marsh

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design



Our Expertise



At board level, we offer objective and independent perspective; constructive challenge; and clarity and visibility of issues affecting your business. We work with you to convert your strategic aims into actionable plans.


Our experienced FDs specialise in all aspects of financial management and control, including performance measurement; oversight of management accounts, P&L, balance sheet and many more.


Often, opportunities to improve productivity and operational efficiency are either missed, or identified but not carried through, with focus remaining on turnover rather than increasing margins.