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The links below will provide you with insights that you may find useful for the next stage of your journey. You can obtain an indicative valuation of your business, learn more about investment-readiness and funding options, and uncover your team’s talents.

How investment ready is my business?

This process has been designed by investors and investment professionals to gain a clearer picture of a company's journey-to-date and investment positioning.

Find out how investment ready your business is today.

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How much is my business worth?

Assessing the value of a business depends on many factors, but this tool, which draws from a rich source of comparative data, will provide you will an indication of the likely sale price.

Receive your business valuation within 15 minutes.

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Practical funding solutions in minutes

Compare the market for business finance, through traditional and alternative lenders. With access to hundreds of lenders, this is a quick and efficient process which matches businesses with the most suitable lender.

Find practical funding solutions in minutes.

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Creating your best team

The Perfect Teams process is designed to help you discover more about the characters who make up your team and the talent available to you.

Discover how you can build the Perfect Team.

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Elizabeth Marsh,

Business owner,

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design

I think sometimes when you're running a business you feel like it's me against the world and it's nice to know there's someone else blowing wind into my sails.

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