Creating Your Best Team

Client: Buckley Gray Yeoman

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The Perfect Teams process is designed to help you discover the many characters that you have in your current team and the talent pool that you can draw from. Once you are aware of all the characters you’ll quickly see where each character fits in. You’ll see that they naturally have different perspectives, strengths, gifts and quirks. You’ll learn to respect the diversity and that respect will spread to all the team.  As the leader, you can create the best team with the people you have and recruit or draft in the missing pieces of the puzzle.

I would highly recommend perfect teams, great fun and a real insight to understanding the people you work with every day! Really interesting and engaging.
The Perfect Team workshop helped to boost company morale, expose weakness, highlight strengths, and ultimately bring the team closer together.
Unlike other models like Insights or MBriggs, PT gives enough information to start the conversation. As a complementary tool it was effective for what we needed at this point.