Worrying about how to cope with challenges and concerns about your business?

Do you worry about coping with challenges and concerns about your business, but have nobody you can talk to in confidence?

Running a business can sometimes be very lonely.  Especially if you don’t have someone you trust, that you can share your concerns or aspirations with, without fear of judgement or criticism.

Running a business can sometimes be very lonely.

We all know how talking things through can help ease tension and stress in our personal lives.  It’s no different in business and our clients commonly find that working with one our Part-Time Directors allows them to talk openly about their business, especially their concerns and challenges.  

Sometimes the clients just want to chat, bounce ideas around, or speculate about a new idea or business opportunity.  Other times they will need to talk through specific concerns about customers, staff, or perhaps how they might sell their business, or grow through acquisition.
These occasions tend to be situations that they can’t share with their staff, their partner, or maybe even their investors.  As a trusted advisor, our Part-time Directors can listen to you, give you an honest opinion and help you explore the options.  With our experienced cross-sector team, it’s likely we will have some directly relevant expertise or experience that will help you work things through.  

If this resonates with you and you have some challenges, concerns, or opportunities in your business, that you need to discuss, then get in touch.  We offer a free 30-minute call to discuss how Evoke Management can help resolve those issues, or just provide an opportunity to listen to you and give some insight into your next steps.

Dave Mutton
Portfolio Director