Part-Time Director

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Dave is an experienced C-Suite executive, with many career roles in Marketing, Product management, and general management for both B2C and B2B businesses.  He has broad sector experience including FinTech, Travel, Gaming, Mobile, Retail, Science, and Education. The majority of Dave’s career has been working in disruptive businesses harnessing the power of new technology and digital to create new business models and opportunities.

Dave has worked for many listed companies including household names such as Amazon and Yahoo, as well as niche sector specialists such as Stepstone, Zattikka, and PrimaryBid. He has a proven track record of achievement across these businesses, ranging from major growth and customer acquisition activity, redeveloping commercial business models and driving significant product development projects.

Dave’s most recent in-house role was Chief Operations Officer for PrimaryBid, an award-winning FinTech business. Here he held a pivotal part in building the team who launched the website and mobile app, resulting in an 8x growth in business valuation.